We have helped hundreds of customers find their dream homes. We have an in-depth understanding of the market you’re looking at. When you’re looking to choose a place to settle, make sure it’s the best investment.

The relationship between a home buyer and an Agent is a little like a marriage: it must be based on trust, mutual goals (to get you the house that best suits your needs!), and understanding. To a large degree, the home buyer entrusts the Agent to always keep their (the buyer’s) interest primarily. It is important that you understand that the Agent with whom you are working represents you.

An agent who won’t take fifteen minutes to help you understand what to expect when you’re buying a home isn’t much of an agent. Be aware: If you search for homes first and contact the Agent who has a particular property listed, that Agent will absolutely represent the seller–not you.

Finding the Right Agent

Ask if your Agent is a REALTOR® a member of the National Association of REALTORS®
An understanding of your needs
A willingness to work with you until your needs are fulfilled
A sense of professionalism
Someone who is dedicated to his or her profession
Familiarity with the area, and price range, in which you have an interest
Strong references from previous buyers and sellers

Not all real estate agents are the same. What should you know? Here are some examples:

Compose your offer to purchase a home? If not, who does help?
If the agent uses fill-in-the-blank forms, ask for a blank sample copy to take home and study?
What types of disclosures are sellers in your area required to give to buyers?
Can the agent give you a sample copy of typical disclosures?
What types of home inspections are standard in your area?
Are there other inspections that the agent recommends?
How much do the inspections usually cost?
Are they regarded as a buyer expense?
When are inspections done?
Is a survey required for most transactions?
Who does the title search to verify that the deed is problem-free, attorneys or a title company?